Mom solicited men to rape 10-year-old daughter: reports

Uganda, September 2016

Victoria Martens’ dismembered body was found in her home in the western state of New Mexico in August after police were called to the scene.

The mother of a 10-year-old girl killed last month in a gruesome crime that shocked the United States told police that she had solicited men to rape her daughter, according to reports.

Victoria Martens’ dismembered body was found in her home in the western state of New Mexico in August after police were called to the scene.

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Officials said that Martens, who was killed hours before her 10th birthday party, had been given methamphetamine and was sexually assaulted, stabbed, strangled and dismembered.

Her mother Michelle Martens, Fabian Gonzales as well as Gonzales’s cousin, Jessica Kelley, have been charged in connection with her murder.

Michelle Martens, 35, told investigators following her arrest that she had sought men online and at work to rape her daughter, the Albuquerque Journal reported.

It said that Martens had set up encounters with at least three men, one of them a co-worker and two she met online, including Gonzales.

The paper, quoting search warrants related to the case, said Martens told police she didn’t solicit the men for money but because “she enjoyed watching.

“Martens also reportedly thought of offering Victoria’s younger sibling for sex.

“This homicide is the most gruesome act of evil I have ever seen in my career,” Albuquerque police chief Gorden Eden Jr. said in August after Victoria’s body was discovered. “A complete disregard of human life and betrayal by a mother.”

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1 in 20 students in UK worked in sex trade to fund living cost

United Kingdom, March 2015

One in 20 students in the UK have worked in the sex industry while studying at the university to make ends meet, according to a new survey that shows more number of them are secretly turning to the profession.

Men were more likely to be involved than women, and the sex work ranged from prostitution and escorting to stripping and internet work, the Student Sex Work Project report said.

One in 20 students had worked in the sex industry while they pursued a degree, researchers from Wales- based Swansea University’s Centre for Criminal Justice and Criminology who carried out the online study said.

Tracey Sagar, who led the study, said: “We now have firm evidence that students are engaged in the sex industry across the UK. The majority of these students keep their occupations secret and this is because of social stigma and fears of being judged by family and friends.

“And we have to keep in mind that not all students engaged in the industry are safe or feel safe. It is vital now that universities arm themselves with knowledge to better understand student sex work issues and that university services are able to support students where support is needed.”

The recent study involved 6,750 students, of which 5 per cent of men and 3.5 per cent of women said they had worked in the sex industry, while nearly 22 per cent overall said they had considered doing so.

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Nearly two-thirds of those involved said their motivation was to fund a particular lifestyle and 56 per cent said it was to pay basic living costs, while two-fifths wanted to reduce their debts at the end of their course.

Money was not the only motive, as three-fifths thought they would enjoy it, 54 per cent said they were curious and 44 per cent cited sexual pleasure as their motivation.

However, up to a quarter reported that they had found it difficult to leave the industry, while a further quarter did not feel safe doing sex work, The Guardian reported.

The report said the number of those accessing counseling rose to 21 per cent for student sex workers – but universities often had no specific policy to deal with the issue.

Sagar, an associate professor of criminology, said: “Our research has not been about encouraging students into sex work, it has been about supporting students who are in sex work. And this is the reality, students are engaged in sex work occupations – this is a fact. Another fact is that some of them need advice, support and sometimes assistance to step away from the industry.

“At the moment, students feel so stigmatized and judged that they are afraid or at least very reluctant to disclose their occupations to staff and services at universities that could help them. Stereotyping is also a problem.”

The UK student population numbered 2.3 million in 2012-13, according to figures from the Higher Education Statistics Agency.

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China plans to scrap death penalty for nine crimes

China, October 2014

China”s legislature is considering abolishing the death penalty for nine of the 55 crimes it is currently available for, including illegal fundraising, which has been at the centre of several controversial cases.

The country executes more people than the rest of the world combined, rights groups say, but a draft amendment to reduce the scope of capital punishment has been submitted to the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, China’s rubberstamp legislature, the official Xinhua news agency reported.

The move comes amid a raft of proposed changes to the legal system, and follows a key Communist meeting which pledged to ensure the “rule of law”, although analysts say the ruling party will remain firmly in charge of the courts.

Some of the nine non-violent crimes included in the draft legislative amendment are smuggling weapons, ammunition or nuclear materials, counterfeiting currency and raising funds by means of fraud, Xinhua said.

Executions for financial offences have been particularly controversial in China, where much bank lending is controlled by the state and private businesses sometimes struggle to obtain funding. true

Last year Zheng Chengjie, a self-made businessman, was executed by firing squad — with his family not notified beforehand — after he was convicted of illegal fundraising and defrauding investors of about US$460 million.

A court sentenced a 39-year-old businesswoman to death last year after she was convicted of defrauding her clients of around US$70 million.

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China executed 2,400 people last year, down from 10,000 a decade ago, according to a report by the Dui Hua Foundation. The exact number is considered a state secret.

Despite the decline, the country still put more people to death than all other countries combined, according to campaign groups.

China has occasionally exonerated wrongfully executed convicts after others came forward to confess their crimes, or in some cases because the supposed murder victim was later found alive.

China’s top court examines all death sentences issued in the country, and sent back 39 percent of those it reviewed last year to lower courts for additional evidence, the Dui Hua report said, citing a report by the Southern Weekly newspaper.

In one landmark case in June, the Supreme Court overturned the death sentence for Li Yan, a woman who killed her abusive husband.

The Chinese legal system is tightly controlled by the ruling Communist Party and courts have a near-100 percent conviction rate in criminal cases.

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Indictment expected for serial date rape

Israel, July 2014

The case was opened in June, when police received a complaint from a woman who said she woke up at the man’s house with no recollection of the night before.

An indictment is expected soon in the case of a Tel Aviv man believed to have raped a large number of local women whom he met on Internet dating sites.

Police believed that the man used date rape drugs to incapacitate the women, but lab results have proved inconclusive.

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The case was opened in June, when police received a complaint from a woman who said she woke up at the man’s house with no recollection of the night before and who said she had been drugged and raped.

Following other complaints involving the suspect, police set up a sting operation, including an apartment rigged with hidden cameras where a female undercover cop who met the man online waited for him. In late June, after the suspect came to the apartment with a bottle of vodka and poured the officer a drink, detectives rushed in, arrested him and took the bottle for tests.

No connection to any tranquilizers was proven, but the suspect has been kept in custody ever since and his remand has been extended six times.

Police have long warned of the danger of party drugs such as Rohypnol, GHB and GBL, but have never been able to secure an indictment against anyone for using them to commit a crime.

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House help was promised Sh 1 million for murder of Joyce Wambui Githitu

Kenya, March 2017

A close relative could be behind the spine-chilling murder of wealthy Thika businesswoman Joyce Wambui Githitu.

Joyce was killed last month by a gang that first sexually assaulted her before smashing her head with a crowbar.

According to police, Purity Wanjiru, Joyce’s house help had testified that some time last year, she was promised Sh1 million to be part of the murderous plot. A down payment of Sh500,000 was to be paid for her to ‘cooperate’, but she only received Sh100,000 delivered to her by John Muchira two days before the murder.

Purity’s brief was to leave the main door unlocked after her boss arrives home on the fateful night of February 27. A task she fulfilled.

Joyce, 58, was confronted in the bedroom where the four-man gang first raped her in turns, before killing and leaving without stealing anything from her home in Maki estate, Thika.

The CCTV system in Joyce’s house was disabled prior to her arrival.

The deceased operated Githitu Wholesalers, one of the biggest outlets in Thika town, besides having interests in real estate. Detectives pursing several motives of the killing have stumbled on fresh info that might implicate the relative who handsomely paid the killers.

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Purity worked at a Thika hotel as a waitress before she was introduced to Joyce by one of the cashiers at her wholesale shop. At the time, Joyce lived alone.

Purity is said to have plotted the murder in collaboration with a relative, whom detectives say wanted her dead to inherit her vast wealth.

“In planning the murder, the relative probably thought the chance of inheriting the wealth was high once Joyce was out of the picture,” said the source.

Purity was arrested alongside Cyrin Conrad Chege, Vinius Mariga Ngugi, Tom Kariuki Kiungo, John Maina Mwangi, James Munene Gatugo and John Wanyoike Muturi.

Joyce’s husband, Peter Githitu, was killed in broad daylight gangland style in Thika town in 2006. The couple had one child, Mercy Waithera, who is married to Cyrin. Her daughter and son-in-law, Cyrin, lived in a separate home belonging to the Githitu family.

The involvement of a relative theory aside, investigators are also trying to establish whether the killing was as a result of a business deal gone sour. It was alleged that Joyce might have met her death after failing to pay one of the suppliers.

Murang’a County Commissioner John Elung’ata said police suspect the killing could have been organised by a businessman who supplied Joyce with alleged stolen fertilizer.

“The police also traced the killer weapon which has been part of the investigations. We are yet to know who gave out the money,” said Elung’ata, adding that detectives are pursuing other theories that he did not want to reveal.

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